Combat Operator's Pistol Course

This class pushes you even further with drills and techniques designed for the advanced shooter. Shooters will put multiple skills together throughout the day, gaining even more confidence in their abilities with a pistol. This is not a “stand there and shoot” course, so come ready to work and put some sweat equity into your gunfighter bank!


Prerequisite: Beginner and Intermediate pistol course or proof of equivalent. $225




•    CQB shooting

•    Multiple threat drills

•    Unconventional position shooting

•    Hip and contact distance shooting

•    One-handed shooting

•    One-handed reloads

•    One-handed malfunction drills




  • Functional semi-auto pistol of choice
  • 3 or more magazines for pistol, 6 for single stack
  • 400 rounds of pistol ammo (provided by student)
  • Note pad, pen, sharpie
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)/ eye protection
  • Quality belt to support your gear
  • A holster and magazine pouch
  • Tools, cleaning kit, and lubricant for your pistol
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing for moderate/strenuous activity
  • Canteen, camelback, etc
  • Gloves and knee pads recommended
  • Full tank of motivation