Active Shooter Response for schools, businesses, and churches.

Recent tragic events have demonstrated that violent acts and active shooter incidents can occur anywhere. Sadly, most civilian organizations do not have any training, equipment, or plans in place.


Take a proactive step toward greater safety for your organization. OpTempo's instructors are certified Active Shooter instructors that train Police and other agencies the most up to date response tactics and procedures. We have the experience and expertise to help you with your safety goals.


The Huffington Post article where you can read about our recommendations for an Active Shooter event:




"OpTempo definitely opened our eyes regarding several areas that we either need, more efforts to better ourselves, or areas we need to start considering. 


-         Different responses to high stress situations

-         Finding ways to positively identify Police when they arrive

-         Having a more specific protocol and then better or more complete training

-         Fight, if necessary. Don’t become a victim if possible

-         Needing to identify how to make our doors harder to breech."


-Dale S. Huemoeller

Principal of Redwood Christian Elementary


 We offer comprehensive response training packages specifically tailored to your needs, which can range from half day to multi-day training blocks. Our packages can be constructed to fit the needs of your facility and staff. Contact us for a detailed quote. 

Site Survey

  • A building and facility evaluation
  • A comprehensive report identifying vulnerabilities and potential points of exploitation.
  • A detailed follow-up report of your facility with recommendations to shore-up your security.
  • Survey of current medical supplies and recommendations for appropriate medical supplies specific to an active shooter, emergency, or other large scale incident.

Active Shooter Response Class

  • From civilian staff, internal security personnel, or force protection units. We have the appropriate training ready for you. 
  • Historical active shooter events and how you can be better prepared.
  • The anatomy of an active shooter event.
  • Response protocols tailored to your facility type.
  • First responder arrival and what to expect.

Training Scenarios

  • Guided table top exercises with your staff.
  • Step-by-step response protocol in a designated area of your actual facility.
  • Live role-player scenarios.
  • Annual or bi-annual follow-up site visits
  • Refreshers for new staff.