I am proud to have served in the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry and to have been fortunate enough to deploy to Iraq, Panama, and Chile. I also had the honor to lead an infantry squad during the Iraq (OIF) invasion. My time in the military prior to 9-11 laid the foundation for the shift to the post-9-11 world and subsequent Iraq war, where we put our skills to the test. 


Combat operations and observing/instructing foreign military/police units further developed my skills and training ideology. I later became a Law Enforcement Officer and now serve on an active SWAT team. I have continually grown my skill set by learning from some of the best instructors in the country. I am also a California POST certified firearms and active shooter instructor for my agency, where I take pride in bringing progressive training to my shooters. My experience has shown me two things: nothing replaces quality training, and people do not rise to the occasion, they revert to their training (or lack of). Be a hard target!



I am a 13 year Marine Corps infantry veteran with combat deployments to Somalia and Iraq. I also served two tours in Marine Corps Security Forces including a deployment to GTMO with 1st FLEET ANTI-TERRORISM TEAM COMPANY.


After getting out of the Marine Corps I became a police officer and served as a K9 handler for 7 years. During that time I was assigned as a tactical handler and worked with my department's SWAT Team.


I have also been a California POST certified Firearms Instructor and Less Than Lethal Instructor since 2007. I am currently assigned to patrol as a Field Training Officer.


I enjoy training people of all skill levels as well as learning from others. I believe there is more than one way to do things and I enjoy the challenge of training students with different learning styles and skill levels.




Ben refuses to label himself as a tactical shooter. He is the closest thing we have to a resident ski-bum who can shoot surprisingly well. He has a knack for teaching what he calls "gun stuff". Over the last 10 years Ben has been a full time Police Officer in a major metropolitan area of Northern California. Ben is currently assigned to the Patrol Division. Some of his past assignments have included working in a Gang Unit and a 6 year stint on his department’s SWAT Team, where he held positions on both the entry team and the sniper team. Ben is a California POST certified firearms instructor, who has previously taught Patrol and SWAT firearms classes at his agency. Ben has shot consistently for close to 15 years and has dabbled in formal and semi-formal competitions. Ben won the Top Gun award in the 2013 Best in the West SWAT Competition.


He’ll be the first to tell you all the times he hasn’t shot well at a match (we’ll chalk these up to experience). If Ben isn’t patrolling the streets in a squad car or at a range somewhere, you can find him wearing crampons, holding an ice axe, with a snowboard strapped to his back, climbing some obscure snow covered Sierra Nevada/Cascade Range mountain with the intent of reaching the summit and surfing some frozen water all the way back down. Ben is currently trying to purchase a snow covered peak with the hopes and dreams of offering what may arguably be the world’s first hike-to-summit, back country snowboard, ski mountaineering (avalanche gear required), downhill pistol course. In all seriousness, we’re glad to have Ben as one of our instructors. He looks forward to seeing you out on the range or in the back country!






I was blessed to serve my nation as an active duty US Infantry Marine and had the honor of serving my country with two combat deployments to Iraq. After leaving the Marines, I continued working as a nuclear security officer and had the opportunity to become a member of the facilities quick reaction force (QRF). I started my police career in southern California and now currently serve in Northern California. I’ve served as a former SWAT team member and K9 handler. I am a California POST certified firearms instructor for my department's range program and a F.T.O (Field Training Officer). I’ve taken my love for physical training and adopted several things I’ve learned as a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Endurance coach, applying some of those principles into my range training philosophy.


Being an active law enforcement officer in today’s current climate, which is riddled with ambiguity, gives for a unique perspective and a level of relevant and applied experience. Whether you a carry a gun professionally or for shooting sports you have to become a master of adaptability in chaos - for the sake of your survival and those around you.


With over 17 years of culminated experience my training philosophy is all encompassing. I passionately believe in the physical aspects of developing a stronger human, which leads to a stronger mind and the understanding of the precursor cues which lead up to the lethal engagement. 


To your success,









I am a California POST certified defensive tactics instructor specializing in arrest and control techniques, weaponless defense, impact weapons, and Taser applications. I am currently a sniper on my agency’s SWAT team. I have experience working custody, patrol, and specialized units.


As a lifelong learner, I constantly look for new ways to improve my own skill set while staying on the cutting edge of industry standards and law enforcement trends. I love coaching, both law enforcement officers and athletes alike, and my goal is to make people better by sharing what I have learned along the way.







I recently separated from the U.S. Marine Corps, where I spent 7 years in the infantry. During my career I spent the majority of my time in the Scout/Sniper Platoon with multiple deployments, completing my time as a Team Leader.


I was fortunate enough to complete several military schools, to include: Combat Life Saver, Scout Sniper Basic Course, Joint Fires Observer Course, Mountain Scout Sniper Course, Urban Scout Sniper Course, and Aerial Scout Sniper Course.


My areas of expertise include: reconnaissance and surveillance, camouflage and concealment, sniper employment in various environments, land navigation, survival, marksmanship, and weapons handling.


I believe that everyone can always learn and grow, regardless of experience level. My passions is for teaching and learning. My goal is to pass on knowledge and experience in order to make you better.